I don't think this is an obvious solution, but it is a very good one. It shouldn't be the place of black americans in today's society to do this kind of shit work, anymore. It's unfair. Here I am, coasting through life on my white privilege, I can certainly show a little solidarity and do a little good work. Fill… » 6/20/12 5:05am 6/20/12 5:05am

I am a 40yo reasonably attractive woman, no supermodel, a little geeky, a little junk in my trunk and pretty much flat as a board. When I read the story and all thew tweets the first time through I was sitting there shaking my head and thinking about the literally *countless* times some dude has hit on me in exactly… » 6/12/12 10:19am 6/12/12 10:19am

Another thing is, unless there is like an actual smear of dirt on them or something, don't wash them! I put mine in the freezer overnight to kill germs/bacteria/whatev and then wear them again and again. I have the most perfect pair of black jeans ever and I've washed them like 3 times in the last year and a half. » 3/06/12 4:19am 3/06/12 4:19am

Yes, because 19 year olds (with their vast life experience! And excellent knowledge of human nature!) are historically & universally known for their superior decision-making skills, especially when teetering on the brink of an exciting career and being skillfully manipulated by a talented, powerful, well-connected man… » 3/06/12 4:01am 3/06/12 4:01am

I was at a bar a few years ago and I had a gorgeous butter yellow top on, deep v-neck with a lace trim. I'm a senior member of the IBTC and just had a regular old cotton stretch bra on underneath. That night I was grooving on my new yellow top & feeling super pretty and confident despite my mosquito bites. I was… » 2/16/12 7:20am 2/16/12 7:20am

At first I agreed with your comment and was about to reply so, with anecdotes about my ten years as a server. I was a sweet little thing with a southern accent, a girl even in my late twenties. Folks loved me and I did OK, but a recurring theme was a table running me to death, praising me profusely for being so… » 2/15/12 9:15am 2/15/12 9:15am